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Corso Fiorito – Parade of allegorical floats.

The last Sunday in March sees Sanremo as the protagonist of the western Riviera thanks to the parade of flower floats, which every year is organised by the various municipalities in the area.
This tradition, which dates back to 1904, is now a fixed appointment: thousands of spectators come to Sanremo specifically to watch this event and to see who will win. In addition, musical bands and folklore groups make the parade a day of celebration. Thanks to this event, the city of Sanremo has become the city of flowers par excellence, known and renowned throughout the world.

Festival of Italian Song

The Sanremo festival is an event with international appeal, where Italian singers, both famous and newcomers, compete in a song contest with previously unreleased songs that have never been publicly performed before. The winner will be proclaimed by a jury chosen and selected by popular vote. The festival is not only music, however, but also entertainment, with celebrities making the festival a world-class show.

Cycling Milano – Sanremo

The Milano-Sanremo, known as the "Spring Classic" or the "Classicissima," is the most important and famous one-day race held in Italy. With a length of 298 km, it is also the longest of its kind. The route and distance have remained largely unchanged since its first edition on April 2, 1906.

Diano Marina

Carnevale - Famia Dianese

It was 1969 when a group of young people came together to organize masked parades on carriages (later on, floats), founding an association called "Famïa Dianese." The carnival floats represent the various neighborhoods of Diano Marina: "i Marmessi," "i De longu i stessi," "i Periferici," "i Perdigiurni," "Quelli da Sciumaia," "Goliardi Dianesi," "Amixi de Sanbertumè," and "i Foa de testa."

Masks, confetti, streamers, masked musical groups, and of course, the float parade, make this event highly anticipated by both children and adults.

Sant'Antonio Abate Festival

The celebrations take place on the Sunday following January 17th, and the schedule is as follows: at 11:00 AM, there is a Mass with the Bishop, and at 4:00 PM, there are Pontifical Vespers followed by a procession featuring the statue of the Saint. The procession includes the participation of the "Città di Diano Marina" Music Band, Confraternities, and Lay Associations.

Infiorata of Corpus Domini

The most expressive event in the tradition of Diano Marina, carried out along the main streets of the city center, is where the procession takes place. The carpet of flower petals covers the entire road surface.

Patronal Feast of Madonna del Carmine

On July 16th, at the port of Diano Marina, there is a Mass followed by a sea procession with a floral tribute to the statue of Madonna "Stella Maris," positioned at a depth of 5 meters, with the collaboration of the "Diano Sub" Association. The following Saturday fireworks in the Gulf of Diano Marina, and on the subsequent Sunday, there is a Holy Mass, Vespers, followed by a procession through the streets of the city center..


Aromatica is the event dedicated to the aromas of our region. Every two years, this festival of herbs and perfumes from western Liguria involves the seven municipalities overlooking the Dianese gulf: Cervo, San Bartolomeo al Mare, Diano Marina, Diano Castello, Diano San Pietro, Diano Arentino and Villa Faraldi. Cultural and musical events that take place throughout the territory: an event that connects tradition and nature. Our area has very important productions such as DOP basil, aromatic herbs, purple asparagus, Vessalico garlic, Taggiasco extra virgin olive oil and Vermentino, Pigato and Rossese wines.

Diano Castello with the Historical Parade and Palio

On the first Saturday of September, the appointment in Diano Castello with the Historical Parade is renewed The event will take place in the historic center of the town and will begin at 6pm with the juggling show, followed by the procession and show of the Alba flag-wavers, medieval music shows, knife throwing, fire games, knight tournament and jousting of swords with closing concert. All surrounded by good food.


Festival of St. John the Baptist

In June Oneglia celebrates San Giovanni, the patron saint of the city. A series of cultural, religious, musical, scenographic, sporting and gastronomic events. it is possible to rediscover and taste the typical dishes of Ligurian cuisine. Don't miss the spectacular fireworks

Gathering of Vintage Sails

Born in 1986, the Imperia Vintage Sails Rally quickly became an important event in the calendar of events dedicated to historic boats. Today it is certainly the most important event in the Mediterranean. Vintage boats moor along the piers, a true navigation museum. A show that excites enthusiasts of vintage sails and enchants the large audience. During the day, you meet personalities from sport, entertainment, culture, illustrious shipowners and skippers: Gianni Agnelli, Raul Gardini, Alberto Rusconi and many others linked to or attracted by the world of yachting such as Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, the sisters Alessandra and Allegra Gucci, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Antonio Ricci, Olin Stephens, Cino Ricci, Giovanni Soldini.


Battle of the Flowers

In the mid-18th century, in Provence and along the Riviera, Carnival was celebrated with parades of flowered allegorical carriages and floats, masked processions and flower throwing. The flower floats are the protagonists of the event and of the parade held on Sunday through the streets of the city. True works of art parade through the city streets: the floats are of considerable size, with three-dimensional subjects relating to the theme of the year and with attention to the smallest details. The whole work, which appears as if painted, is in reality completely covered with flower corollas, "fixed" in a mosaic, of great freshness and colour. Groups of twenty to fifty people work on each wagon in special sheds located in various parts of the city for approximately three months. On Sunday afternoon, the big float parade takes place in the center of the city. During the event, a real flower fight takes place between the public and the people on the floats: hundreds of thousands of flowers are thrown.

Historical parade

This event is among the most popular at a national level, right from the start.


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