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Camping Marino
Campeggio Pet-Friendly

Camping Marino is a pet friendly campsite, your four-legged friends are allowed both in the camping area and in the mobilhomes (where there is however an extra charge, for the specific cleaning of the structure in the presence of a pet).
There are no fences to allow your pets to roam freely, so you must keep them on a leash to prevent them from entering neighbours' pitches.
There is a service area on the campsite where you can wash your pets in comfort. The campsite does not have an equipped area where our four-legged friends can roam freely, so they must be accompanied outside the campsite for their walks.

Beaches accessible to dogs:
Since 2022 in Diano Marina there has been an unequipped free beach with permitted access for dogs.
t is located in the Borgo Paradiso area, near Bagni Silvano, about 1.5 km from the campsite.
In Imperia there is a beach for dogs along the cycle path, between the children's park and the seafront promenade (next to the local koko beach). Distance from the campsite 2.5 km.

Camping Marino Diano Marina


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